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If you look at the credit situation, there are people who are considered good by banks and those who feel the disadvantages. The reason is to be found in their financial situation and inadequate income. But negative credit rating entries also prevent a normal loan. The loan for the housewife without credit rating is a loan for the poorer loan seekers.

The loan for the housewife without credit rating – the prospects

The loan for the housewife without credit rating - the prospects

Housewife’s credit is a relic from earlier days. Today these loans are called small loans and loans without credit rating. If the woman was only employed in the household and had no income of her own, then the housewife loan was a good solution at the time. The woman was able to pay off a smaller loan in small installments and could thus afford something. But today there is actually no credit without income. If these loans are nevertheless approved, other guarantees must be provided.

The approval criteria that banks have are a sufficiently high income, a clean school and a permanent position. The income must be above the garnishment exemption limit. For a single person, this is around 1,070 dollars. If there are other people living in the household, the limit shifts upwards. If these requirements are not met, there is no loan from a conventional bank.

If the housewife can name a co-applicant or a second borrower, the situation is different. The co-applicant could then be the spouse, for example, who practically secures the loan with his income. The same picture emerges for a second borrower. But the housewife’s credit, as it used to be, should be taken out as a loan that the partner knew nothing about. In this way, this loan for the housewife without credit rating will no longer exist today.

The loan for the housewife without credit rating with guarantee and without credit rating

The loan for the housewife without credit rating with guarantee and without credit rating

Certainly there is a loan for the housewife without credit rating where the spouse does not sign. But collateral must be presented for this. Like the named second borrower or a guarantor. Someone from relatives or close friends could be taken as a guarantor. The guarantor should know that a guarantee is a great risk. If the borrower can no longer pay, the guarantor must do so. The loan for the housewife without credit rating can also be signed by a parent so that the partner does not find out about it.

However, this borrowing is not advisable, because it often happens that an unexpected event occurs and the borrowing comes to light. A problem could be foreseen here. However, if the housewife wants to surprise her partner with a larger gift and she tells him at some point, the credit for the housewife without credit rating is fine.

If a guarantor can be named, it must be solvent, have a clean schufa and a permanent position. Since banks usually strive for a joint and several guarantee, a warning is not given for a long time in the event of a loan default, and the guarantor is then immediately obliged.

However, the credit for the housewife without credit rating will not be met. The credit rating-free loans from abroad require a comprehensive income situation. The income must also be above the garnishment exemption limit. If this is not the case, there will be no schufa-free credit. The permanent employment is also unlikely to be proven, which also leads to a loan refusal.

Credit intermediaries could be involved who can still obtain a loan from a customer with a restricted credit rating. But if you do not have your own income, even a credit broker cannot procure a loan for the housewife without credit rating.

The loan from abroad

The loan from abroad

Housewife’s credit has been heavily advertised in the media since the 1970s. It is credit brokers who advertise. In the past, all of the loans came from Switzerland, but since 2010 they have come from Liechtenstein. But even this bank does not approve a loan for the housewife without credit rating under the given circumstances.

Housewife’s credit has the same conditions as other types of credit, no schufafrei. If advertising also promises something else, for example a housewife’s credit flash credit without income, it is more than misleading, one could speak of fraud here.

Many advertisements also state that a loan is also given to housewives without a credit rating if an affidavit has been made and if bankruptcy proceedings have been initiated. But that is also not legal. It is not advisable to hide this from a credit rating-free loan, since the foreign bank does not query credit rating but does take a look at the public debt register. The financial situation seen there leads to a disqualification of the lending.

If a credit rating-free loan were granted as a housewife’s credit without credit rating, the housewife would have to pay a rate of USD 105.95 for a loan of USD 3,500 for 40 months. The total loan amount is then 4,238 dollars.

The other loan

The other loan

If consumer goods such as a new television or a new washing machine are to be bought from the loan, the loan seeker, provided he is a customer of a department store, could buy the goods there. Long and good customers always get a loan there, not in cash but in products.

Proof of a credit card or bank card is often sufficient in electrical stores and goods can be bought. However, they remain the property of the dealer until they are paid for.

However, when buying in the electronics market, it should be noted that the credit rating is queried. If the credit rating is negative, the dealer cannot grant a loan either.

In summary, a loan for housewives without credit rating can be said that they are also unsuitable for a credit rating-free loan. Proof of income can usually not be provided, so other collateral must be presented. In addition to ordering a land register, this can also be a car letter from a car. In this difficult situation, however, it should be considered whether a loan is even necessary.